Trips and Sightseeing


There is plenty to discover in our region: Visit the Kolmiköytinen rock paintings nearby, or Huuhanranta, the longest and most beautiful sandy beach around lake Saimaa. Along the way to the city of Mikkeli you will find Kummakivi, a giant balancing rock. You can also get to know the 17-metre-high Myllykoski waterfalls or three different canals. 


In Ruokolahti you can get a glimpse of Finland's cultural history. On the Church Hill you will find many things to see & explore: a large green wooden church, an 18th century belfry, the Ruokolahti House with its traditional wooden buildings, a beautifully landscaped cemetery, and the local museum with a nice little café (only open between June and August).
Imatra is dominated by the River Vuoksi and the incredible Imantrankoski waterfall, and is often considered the first tourist town in Finland thanks to the visit by Russian Empress Catherine the Great in 1772. Imatra has numerous museums and it is also home to two very striking, and totally different, architectural gems – the Church of the Three Crosses by Alvar Aalto, and Imatran Valtionhotelli, a Jugendstil building built in 1903 which resembles a medieval knight’s castle. 
Lappenranta is a town rich in cultural history with numerous museums and Finland’s oldest orthodox church located within the Fortress of Lappeenranta. 

Bike, Hiking and Kayak Tours

The Ruokolahti area is famous for its bike routes and - on the lake - its canoe and kayak tours. There are also many wonderful hiking trails, for example Hukkavuori (Wolf Hill) and Haukkavuori (Hawk Hill) with their magnificent views.